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I will provide you with a quality product, 
fair pricing and outstanding service on every design. 

Who am I?

I firmly believe in the Golden Rule.

I strive to be fair and reasonable.

I guarantee your satisfaction.

I believe my customers are the only credible judges of my service.
I hope you will take the time to review the unsolicited testimonials from past & current customers.

I work from my home and enjoy what I do immensely.

What is digitizing?
 Digitizing is the process of entering digital data,
 either point by point with a digitizing tablet
 or with specific software, into a computer and
 then defining the data to represent stitch types,
 stitch directions, density settings and machine efficiency.

After the design is digitized, a sample of the design
is sewn out. It is always best to sew the sample on the exact
or similar material which will actually be used for production.

 Many different roads can be taken to get from 
 start to finish. Each digitizer will have a different 
point of view when approaching a design.

With proper training and a great deal of practice, 
digitizing can be a rewarding and satisfying art form.

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